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  • SuperOps is a fantastic tool for managing IT support operations. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to streamline workflows, track customer requests, and manage team performance. The platform's automation capabilities and integrations with other popular tools make it a great choice for IT service providers of any size. Overall, SuperOps is a highly recommended solution for any business looking to improve its IT support operations.
  • Using the PSA module, we've found the ticketing and general invoicing process to be well streamlined. Xero integration save's a ton of time on inventory price updates allowing techs to add current-priced items easily.
  • Support are very responsive as well
  • Some minor issues with the billing process, including having to approve tech time entries 20 at a time before the end of month automated billing run, or else they are missed. Support advises there will be changes to this soon to resolve this pain point.
  • Inventory management and customer linking with Xero while welcome can be very clunky.


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