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  • All in all, is the perfect tool for people who are looking to save time and energy when it comes to creating social media posts, but don't want to sacrifice quality.
  • Customer support has been very responsive when I've needed it and the team behind it are clearly passionate about making it the best AI-powered social media content creator.
  • I like Predis because it generates a lot of social media content quickly. I don't use all of it, but enough of it is relevant to the social accounts that I manage for me to save a good chunk of time.
  • Both UI/UX needs a lot of work; The website is not the easiest to navigate, The UX is often confusing (at least for me), and Colors scheme is meh.
  • I only thing I have come across is that I cannot find an area for branding colours and logo, but am unsure whether it is on the platform.
  • If you need content for niche products or services, AI can't do that well.


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  • Our Founders:
    Aakash Kerawat, Akshay Karangale, Tanmay Ratnaparkhe
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    Chat 24/7
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