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  • Many languages coming with app. Also every language has different narrators, it has good potential but unfortunately some flaws.
  • Good collection of voices overall, voice styles gives the most added value.
  • Straightforward interface, not too crowded.
  • The software is updated well. I like the addition of new voices.
  • I think the ultrarealistic voices are the best by far, my budget does not allow this subscription at this time.
  • Tone rate (speed) bug is well know at this app and unfortunately developers don't working to update. Making better conversations goes from precise speed changing of articles, but all speed changes changes after each save. Developers needs to solve this problem, after that it will be more usable.
  • Have had several technical issues, and support can be slow in responding. I like the new realistic voiceovers but find it annoying that I have to select standard or the new realistic voiceovers on every creation. Should be selected once, and then down to the user to change.


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    hammad Syed, Mahmoud Felfel
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