• I've been a long-time user of LongShot AI and have been very happy with the results. I'm a professional content writer and happy with the output.
  • The Niche feature provides good results for me, so I'm pretty happy. Among other features that I think are crucial for AI, writers are the Fact Check and Claim Detection features.
  • My overall experience has been really good I enjoy the software the ease of use the easy to follow instruction and the time it saves me in my writing projects.
  • I think the company is in their infancy but as time goes they are adding more and more features that keep on improving. Overall they are doing a good job, and just hope that it keeps getting better.
  • And that white UI, man it hurts a night owl like me.
  • There are no configurations, or technical expertise required.
  • No option to choose standard British English and colloquial American English, which means we need to manually edit all output. The lack of Grammarly integration is much missed.


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