• Many languages coming with app. Also every language has different narrators, it has good potential but unfortunately some flaws.
  • Good collection of voices overall, voice styles gives the most added value.
  • Straightforward interface, not too crowded.
  • The software is updated well. I like the addition of new voices.
  • I think the ultrarealistic voices are the best by far, my budget does not allow this subscription at this time.


  • Listnr offers a wide range of different accents and voices that you can use to customize the outcome and shape it according to your needs.
  • The quality of the audio obtained is good and is free of any kind of distortion.
  • It makes content accessible to people who cannot read.
  • It can convert almost any text, article, to speech.
  • It utilizes Al technology to automate the whole recording process thus eliminating the need for human retakes.
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