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  • I liked that I could track someone else going through , item by item, my Taskade checklist. It is very easy to assign the role of checker and to monitor their progress.
  • I haven't had any issues. I have fun playing with the templates and creating workflows and to-do lists for myself.
  • I strongly recommended this app to everyone in my contacts. Reminders, Task-Tagging do pretty nice jobs there.
  • Upon using this app, I could successfully achieve 1 major responsibility in our institution. The Collaboration feature and Workspace are wonderful.


  • SuperOps is a fantastic tool for managing IT support operations. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to streamline workflows, track customer requests, and manage team performance. The platform's automation capabilities and integrations with other popular tools make it a great choice for IT service providers of any size. Overall, SuperOps is a highly recommended solution for any business looking to improve its IT support operations.
  • Using the PSA module, we've found the ticketing and general invoicing process to be well streamlined. Xero integration save's a ton of time on inventory price updates allowing techs to add current-priced items easily.
  • Support are very responsive as well
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  • Quick and easy to create a survey either from scratch or by using built-in templates
  • It is pretty straightforward to get used to the platform and functions and also the final look of the survey is really clean and attractive for users
  • I used it to create branding for my own ecommerce website and used the responsive feedback to get amazing results

Bit AI

  • The pre-made templates provide a great launchpad for getting started on any project really quickly
  • The most impressive feature is the ease-of-use, embedding digital assets and links (e.g. spreadsheets, Google Forms, website links etc.)
  • is super easy to use. I am able to create and share new documents quickly and the template designs make project creation a breeze

Text Cortex

  • Perfect 5/5 as they even give you free Trials , free credits for referring your mates and sharing the link.
  • This tool can really produce natural words that you can be astonished at. I Always prefer low AI score which is much helpful when producing articles that need research and facts.
  • It helps me to be authentic and creative. As a result I can easily create a unique and authentic content on any topic.
  • Fantastic tool to generate product descriptions.

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